There’s so much more to IRIEDAILY than simply being labeled as a streetwear brand from Berlin, as it is in fact a story about friendship, DIY-ethos, responsibility, respect and the challenge to live up to its own “STAY DIFFERENT“ DNA as well.
It was in 1990 when the foundation for IRIEDAILY was actually laid through WARD PRODUCTIONS – a printing company specialized in silkscreen, which was founded by Walter Molt, Achim Probst, Roland Wagner and Daniel Luger – where merchandise for iconic local bands such as Jingo de Lunch, Plan B or Einstürzende Neubauten was produced with great enthusiasm. Four years later though, the production of particular merchandise was stopped in favor of focusing on the idea to create and add their very own flavor to a rising streetwear market. As a result, IRIEDAILY was founded in 1994 by Daniel Luger, Roland Wagner and Walter Molt – with street artist Jaybo Monk joining the team as the art director, whose distinctive style shaped the company’s face for years in significant fashion.